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When I think back to my first date with my current partner, I knew pretty early on they were the one.We met online and started out by emailing for a couple of weeks before I agreed to meet him for drink and to catch a screening of — a local theater was doing a series of '80s throwback movies.If your weekend was going to a film festival and then curling up with a good book, and theirs was a full marathon followed by a Spartan race, then you’re probably not super compatible.“So the next time your match messages you with this question, rather than roll your eyes, try answering as thoroughly as you can! OK, this one may seem obvious, but it’s actually more complicated than you think.This is a good marker for future romantic success.”Spelling? There is one distinct advantage to this, in that you get to literally see how they communicate.Don’t underestimate the power of grammar and spelling, especially if you are online dating, says The League’s Head of Communications, Meredith Davis. You can tell a lot about a person based on their spelling and grammar! For example, if you’re someone who feels strongly about the proper use of your/you’re and they respond with “ur,” well, that might be a red flag that you are not on the same communication wavelength.

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Knowing how someone likes to spend their free time is a great way to know what a shared life with them looks like.Like really, dude, we need to talk about your Cross Fit routine for 45 minutes uninterrupted? If you find everything they talk about to be only normally interesting or flat-out boring, then keep it moving.However, Winter says that if, “rather than topical chitchat or meaningless banter, they’re talking about things that excite you,” you may have a winner on your hands.A good sense of humor is seriously make or break for me.Not only does a potential bae need to make me laugh, but they have to get my jokes, too.

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