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Colleen Ballinger is an actress, writer, and producer best known for her character Miranda Sings.She has over 22 million subscribers across her three You Tube channels and has accumulated over 3.5 billion views.The character is a satire of the many You Tube videos featuring bad, but egotistical, performers who film themselves singing as a form of self-promotion, despite receiving the realistic or cruel comments of "haters"."Miranda" is supposedly a home-schooled young woman who still lives with her mother and uncle; she is eccentric and infantilized, narcissistically believes that she was born famous, and is obsessed with show business fame.She also starred as Miranda in a Netflix comedy special in 2019 and continues to tour as the character.Ballinger also features comedy and lifestyle videos on her personal You Tube channel and a vlog channel, Colleen Vlogs.“Hey,” a teary-eyed Colleen Ballinger announced in her shocking new video. “I do feel like this is something important to share, obviously.” Colleen said that she did not want to disclose too many details. “I am DREADING to make this video.” Colleen could barely contain her sadness in the video, and started to breathe heavily. “It is just too painful,” Colleen said as she fought through tears. He’s not a bad person.” Colleen revealed that Joshua did not “do something horrid” to her like cheating. I love him.” She confirmed that their relationship was VERY rocky since the very start. We always fought.” “It has NEVER been a perfect relationship.” Fans probably remember Colleen’s MTV True Life episode featuring Josh. Doesn’t mean it’s easy.” Colleen said that this all “sucked”, and told fans that sometimes the hardest decisions are the best decisions to make.

Ballinger has performed a one-woman comedy act, as Miranda Sings, at first in cabaret spaces and later in theatres in New York, London, and other cities in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and elsewhere.

In 2015, Ballinger released a best-selling book, written in Miranda's voice, titled Selp-Helf.

She appeared in season 3 as the Disco Dancer and in season 4 as the Duchess in Escape the Night.

In this show, "Colleen has fantastically found a way for guys to become interested in a makeup show ... Her personal channel features comedy, question and answer videos, You Tube challenges, and Ballinger discussing culture and current topics or vlogging her activities with her family, friends and You Tube colleagues.

It has received more than 1.4 billion views and accumulated more than 8 million subscribers.

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