Co down dating

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Is not a man dedicated to a craft (from forestry to car service driving to teaching yoga) a man worth celebrating as long as he loves you?

Passion for a pursuit can manifest itself in a variety of forms.

After dating men of all heights, incomes, and careers, I’ve decided to prioritize a man’s ability to communicate and have adventures with me over his pursuit of a powerful career to pay for my Dom Perignon. When my mother met my father she was a prestigious graduate bent on medical school.

My father was a carpenter who had dropped out of college.

Perhaps it is time for women to start bankrolling men.4. It’s not about how tall he is but how tall he makes me feel, even in flats.5.

My parents built a partnership not looking for the other to be “more” or “less” but to build something together as equal contributors.

Why can’t successful women ditch the monetary and education requirements?

After all, we no longer live in the 1950s and need someone to provide for us.

Rich tech executives rarely have any time for craft, yoga or you. Does someone need a pedigreed education to be considered smart?

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) never went or finished college. Is a bank account level more important than how he makes you feel?

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