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Over the years, through online dating herself, she had countless dates, numerous relationships, and stories to last a lifetime.

She then decided to start tracking her own online dating results in a spreadsheet... She honed her profile (shown here) and messages to a point that her response rate, or percentage of men who responded to her initial email, was well over 60%, almost unheard of in the online dating world.

Tonight’s class is a general social skills workshop.

Luna splits the group into pairs and teaches them a mirroring exercise: Partner 2 should imitate the body language of Partner 1. So, one pair stands staring at each other, each touching his own ears.

But 32-year-old dating coach Chris Luna disagrees: “There’s another way to deal with this.”Luna’s dating instruction company, Craft of Charisma, has been coaching within the “social anxiety community” for years.

Now he holds seminars every Saturday night that teach his clients topics including how to approach strangers, how to seduce women and how to get out of their own way.

When one speaks, he or she must find a new way to touch the partner.

(This time, 30% has been stated as average.) Her philosophy is that if you market yourself well, you'll get more dates.And, the more first dates you go on, the higher the probability that you’ll have a connection with someone, simply by increasing your odds.It genuinely makes Erika happy to see others find happiness and share her secrets to success at online dating.Still, the Food and Drug Administration approved the drug company Glaxo Smith Kline to market Paxil as the antidote (“Imagine being allergic to people,” the ad said), and soon, both Paxil prescriptions and social anxiety disorder diagnoses were on the rise. If someone’s shyness “has caused impairment in his life,” then it’s a disorder, says Barrie Rosen, a clinical psychologist in Manhattan.Picture the person who can’t ask for directions without succumbing to a panic attack, who sweats profusely upon entering a grocery store, never mind a party.

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