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There’s no other place like Thailand that delivers a uniquely classy look while keeping that drop dead beauty!If I had to summarize what women from different parts of the country look like, this is how I’d do it: Women from Northern regions of Thailand are cutest, those from the East are the sexiest, and those from the Central and Southern regions are the hottest.But most of the girls I dated in Thailand had near perfect bodies!Don’t take my word for it, just search it on any search engine and you’ll know! I know a lot of guys out there look more on the personality of a girl rather than her physical traits (although you definitely won’t lose if you’re just looking for the physical traits of a woman when looking for a Thai girl!Just be sure you are on a girls page and not a ladyboys page. ) I’ve definitely met my fair share of girls in my adventures here in Thailand and here are some of the personality traits you should probably expect when dating them: Many men have also come to me, asking me “I’ve picked the wrong girl for me! ” While many women share similarities with one another, no one Thai woman is ever the same.

The reason being, Thai girls tend to favour Western men over all other races including Thai.Of course, it’s just my personal opinion, so take that with a pinch of salt.I’ve always heard that Thai girls are super crazy about the hair and beauty products they use in their everyday lives.Its fairly common to see a lot of men come to Thailand seeking a girlfriend perhaps, to marry and seek a more long term relationship in general.Indeed its very common a lot of people in the former group to turn into the latter.

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