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Your body is meant to bend and twist, and your sex life is meant to enjoy more than one position.

You may think there are only a couple ways in which to enjoy your sexy times with your partner, but how wrong you are.

The floor will give you the perfect amount of leverage you need.

Why it works: Basically, it’s a twist on the cowgirl position and gives you all the power to ride your partner in a way that’s best for you― not that you're being selfish or anything.


Feel free to rest you “X” against his chest as he uses your shins to pull himself deeper inside you.

Why it works: Similar to the "X Marks the Spot" move this way is all about getting really deep, while he’s able to control his thrusts much better because he’s on his knees.

It may sound like you need some gymnastic training to pull this one off, but you actually don’t, so give it a try!

With him sitting on the chair (please get one that’s strong enough to handle both of you and the action that’s about to happen! As you would if you were doing cowgirl position, you want to thrust against him, move up and down ― you know, whatever floats your boat.

But the most important part of this position, for maximum sensation, is to be on a chair where your feet can reach the floor.

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