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,u Storo J HOPKINSVILLE, In our very midst, not in finanoial oiroles but in prices. We must have "OASB:" and in order to get it we will sell at lower figures than ever quoted here before. attack of vortlgo and foil uocstteadlnirnotlccs M cent ? Bpo-,- until a voto is reached on tho Roponl ed with au loe all I ecnit per linn eaoh Insertion, llatei helploss In a cattlo guard. Ilut tho soaison thoir freshness, and an oyster will not I don't 'boy dat order. I jest makes stay fresh very long In this bind of 'em hot 'nul T to sw allor wholo an' of weather." dat don't doyhonds'emback, Tho captain of an oyster boat says: I steams m so's doy's like "Tho quality of oysters Is steadllyim-- i I pity's do man's wife on' chlllun. Among experts thero la a decided differenco of opinion, and bo marked aro tho variations of statements that It it not difficult to hnaglno that a close relationship oxlsts between tbo oyster men and tbu peach growers. Sinco then bo has become Snow Kxrluder, tl.1V iihoe.. TRANSATLANTIC L best expresses llryant's fame, achieved Pjuusian thieves have been detected when he was yet but o stripling youth stealing boots from a boot shop by in this city, casting an eager eye up the dizzy heights of renown. means of a fi Hhing-ro- d Tho memorial will be At St, IMalo tboro is an omnibus con- autumn, tt Is felt in in plnco In tho tomc qunrters ductor who is a marquis, a count who earns his living by making mousotrapt that its appropriate place would bo and a bathing man who rejoices in a some quiet nook In Central park, but tho indications aro that it will bo doublo title-- Count Baoul do la erected lu tho park which bears tbo Marquis do Chombcry. tho engine broke, instantly killing tho A fiukxd of tho labor movement has fireman mid wrecking tho cab. at which you ran lurely makeonly a few hundred miles within six hours' rldd T rriulu of larte tum of money. of each other- Tho locomotive with hour.' work will olten young, man or woman, II Will He In the form or Half Crcarent It Wti.t Ucr you are old or which it la hoped to nohlovo tho feat la uo i Hrrrrjpe, - do at we tell ou, aud lue. Tho barrel contained ninety flvo gailous of liquor. TSilch tho outer barrel or hogshead was built Two hoops, nearly two Inches thick and nbout throe Inehos wide, onolrelod tbo barrel, and Into this run big screws from tho hoop and btavos of tho outer hogshead. RUSSELL, (Formerly of Elkton, Ky.) Entirely new and llit i Ihh" In all r.x.'flli'lil Baiiiplf Kooiiu uk I -- eivhii uiieiiiislrd in tho city. It Is only of late years that tho captains of oyster boats havo caught on to tho financial advantage which comes of a premonitory rumor that tho oyster crop Is "BEST WAV TO COOK OVSTCIIS IS WOT TO going to bo a failure, but now tliat COOK 'EM AT AIX." they see tho valuo of gossip they nro working it for nil It Is worth. many of and tbo price will bo even moro exthe local dealers havo to depend upon alted this season." emothose sallno skippers for thoir Another wholesalo dealer says that tion it is not dlfilcult to figuro out tho "this fuss about oysters being scarce origin of a misunderstanding which is unnecessary. To taken to tho bouso of commons and Gave himself, tho engineer jumped Into left in tho hands of tho attendants a tho tender, and there ho was with the black leather bag, engraved with an train going nt a terrific rate, and tho Inscription to John Ilurns In gold let- broken rods flying madly. I'ftrru feet In depth and Thirty makti In progress of construction by a Glas tu - irr"" een w UI wrrtjou M the very work 1"ft I., ll',l..l I. A similar arrangemunt was used for tho heads, and tho space thus made )utwen the inner and outer barrel was filled with molasses. We will offer extraordinary values in SUMMER Oost not considered. Howe, (Formerly of Hopldnsville,) i DIAMOND PALACE.

This is your last chance, make the lof.n' Ho Y.' a ., l.oj-'lnr- RICHARDS NEW JEWELRY & CO. NASHVILLE, TENN.i The Racket Company, 321 Union Street. on you want Mail orders will receive special attention. i NKFAIRBANK&CO TABLER'SDII WE TELL YOU BUCKEYELJI-- t AN OVSTKIl JIOAT. I Bupposo there Is a reason bo done, for a time nt least. TSnr VIVO, our extra fine and aolld II 4S price II 2 age condescends to act as judge in a Mrn'a Mitxrfc. Jl automatic brake, and thus slopping is very old, in tbo sbapo of a stout tbo train. Tho old man's cap serves for a aro tho Tho malo lid and a gold tap lu tho barrel lota scavengers watpt and horna U being of the community, out tbo favorito flvo o'clock bovcrago. Now linmpstead plans ring to tbo voguo of tan stockings its adoption. for tbeso rumors about a growing Fifty thousand men, nearly all of scarcity, but nobody seems to know oyster where tho statement has Its foundathem frecdmen, depend upon tho business for a living, In Virginia, Mary- tion. Rraulne Cor Uoren, I Ml Tlxiucand of iialn and doren. Dutchman sitting nstriito a barrel of IT 15 PURE , UNADULTERATED. required to keep the nest elean They & in of t'u' iload and remove the tiodli-FEMININE FANCIES. li.-- li in iiir at Deads in every imaginable shape, tbo brad and ilivm i color and arrangement aro lo bo worn. ANI wears littlo jowel-ry- , though sho has cases full of all ST. b'iocs for children's with Oveii a thousnnd children nro anwear, E nually suffocated In bod with their vall-lu- g Am PLAIN cashmere, camel's hair or parents In London. It la true all of them depoud upon this industry that there never was such n demand as for the maintenance of thomselves and now, aud It is also true that thcro their families. The first nro expert cooks who aro paid exce- work I ever did was some oyster plantllent salaries for their experience and ing for tho use of our family, and from knowledge of how to prepare oysters that time up to tho present I havo been for tho consumers. No woman w Hio has ontlro charge of tho man who really knows tho subject can oystor refectory in ono of our lending tiuthfully say that oysters aro becomrestaurants, says: ing scarce. Tho finoysters nnd drink the juice, you am That September oysters come ' from gctlln' fat an your brain am gettin' est Chuckutuok river, down In Hampton rich. Ov course, do gemmen from tho Roads nro tho best lu tbo nlo wld dolr fried oysters, w'lch drinks this tlmo; later lu tho season, world softens 'em. "Tho best way to cook oysters is not "Where do we get our bebt oysters? When oysters Is fried, chile, doy Iioads, und thebo nro moro numerous is plzen. Ilut dnt encourages a when at weather Is cold, tho deep tho wish for strong drink. Bni(Hove (irnln ei- - Uulh's' Shoes from the " Dangola. hlioe., World," the only address cvor deliv Polka to flno Doiitfjla'. W'rllmaxcut Ml grain t0c ered by a layman within tbo sacred I.adle' Shoe, Hong.

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