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And we learned very very early on that Q: What about Craigslist—is it easy to have success using that? What are the challenges to using places like that to find a bull or even connect with other couples living the cuckolding lifestyle?

A: There are thousands of cuckolding websites out there.

Basically we place an add on a swingers website or the dreaded “Personals” on Craigslist “Hotwife seeking a Bull” and we get a zillion replies from guys that really do not or have no idea of the Hotwife cuckolding dynamics.

For them it is either the turn on of replying to the posting, or they really think it is just a quick F#@K with some guys wife!!

A: The internet is the only way to go when starting out, but it was really hard to connect with real guys who are truly either educated or interested in the cuckolding lifestyle.

The owners of these paid websites are not even active in the lifestyle.

What we say about finding a bull: it’s like the swingers finding their elusive Unicorn; they are out there but they are EXTREMELY rare.

Q: What made you turn to the internet for finding a bull?

I’m sure we all have our own ideas about what that implies. 360 Comments On July 7th, 2019, Reya Sunshine, a nominee for the 2019 Exotic Dancer Adult Movie Feature Entertainer of The Year Award, did a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Cuckold Chat.

But it truly put the pressure on me to turn into the unique unbreakable Goddess I am now.… 360 Comments In this exclusive interview, you’ll meet Hotwife Taylor Leigh & her husband Gabriel Mann, authors of the book Sexxxperience, “the vivid memior of…a sexy, accomplished provider couple with years of experience in the Lifestyle, as well as the escort and adult film industries”.

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