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One of the original remaining structures, a folly in the form of a ruined abbey, served as the backdrop for the Pairing Day ceremony scene.

The black man occupies a unique space in American culture.

When Coach assigns them to have another encounter, they both agree to not look at Coach to determine how much time they have been assigned.

However, Frank becomes anxious and breaks this promise; his "self-observation" causes the encounter time to drop from five years to mere hours.

Separately, Frank and Amy are paired by Coach with numerous other partners.

Neither find these encounters as fulfilling as the prior 12-hour session.

Brooker had conceived of the idea that the System would test Amy and Frank's compatibility from writing the "White Christmas" episode, having considered if a suspect's testimony stated by their simulation would be valid if that simulation was repeated multiple times.

However, he had not written much of how this would be shown to the viewer, outside of showing many Amy and Frank couples escaping the System into a black void before being digitised into bits.

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The System collects data on from these encounters to match the user with their "ultimate compatible other" on the user's "pairing day", which it claims has a 99.8% success rate.A digital "coach" (voiced by Gina Bramhill) collects the data from the failed relationship and helps them find their "ultimate compatible other".Amy and Frank meet for just 12 hours before being paired off with others.Test audiences of their initial filming and special effects were still confused about what they had just seen.Production tried different special effects but eventually fell onto visuals similar to Tron, showing the couple being taken out of the system, along with placing signs calling these "Simulations" and giving them their numerical count.

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