Bi phone chat who is isabel lucas dating 2016

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Then, as her arrest did not include detainment, she was released until a week later, where she faced her 3rd questioning on August 30, 2016. GEEZ, if all this is true, this sucks for his group.

According to 'Dispatch', within the week's time, YG Entertainment contacted 'A', hired a lawyer to represent 'A' in her case, and requested that she take back her previous statement regarding B. As a result of 'A's 3rd statement, police ended their investigation into this case without summoning B. I never want to be one to just hate on a company based on the actions of a few, but every month it seems like someone else from YG is revealed to be involved in some sort of shady dealings.

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I to mitigate her own crimes, so they requested the correction. She also was accused of purchasing LSD on two separate occasions.

I’m going to change my phone number.” YG Entertainment has confirmed that they met with her, but said that was only to request that she correct her testimony. I had not tested positive for drugs, and that she mentioned B.

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If you use an accessibility feature or assistive technology, you can get direct access to Apple representatives who are trained in providing support using accessibility services.Police apprehended 'A's cell phone in the process, and during her questioning, 'A' admitted that she delivered 10 pieces of LSD to B. In addition, 'Dispatch' reported that another drug dealer 'C', who worked with 'A', provided police with a full list of his buyers, which included B. But soon after, during her 3rd questioning, police records state that 'A' took back her previous statement and argued that she had no idea where B. 'Dispatch' believes that in between 'A's 1st and 2nd questioning, 'A' was contacted by YG Entertainment.'A' attended her 1st and 2nd questioning on August 22, 2016.On June 12, media outlet 'Dispatch' released an exclusive report claiming that i KON's leader B.I may have purchased and used illegal drugs approximately 3 years ago, based on Kakao Talk messages they recently uncovered.

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