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When the source data for your data-driven charts is available in Excel, you can create charts directly from the Excel application.

When data in Excel changes, you can either update the charts on command or have think-cell do the update automatically.

Do you know that you can create dynamic charts in excel using data filters ? My mission is to make you awesome in Excel & your work. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Doubt: Ask an Excel Question At, I have one goal, "to make you awesome in excel and charting".

Yes, that is right, we can use data filters as chart filters too. This blog is started in 2007 and today has 1,000 articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts and workbooks.

Nevertheless it is possible to transpose the data source (see Transposing linked data).

Then select the desired chart type from the menu in Excel’s think-cell toolbar: When you click on this menu item in Excel, the Power Point window is activated.When you apply a data filter on a chart’s source data, the chart is also filtered. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel. Written by Chandoo Tags: chart controls, charting, Charts and Graphs, data filters, dynamic charts, hacks, Learn Excel, microsoft, MS, spreadcheats, spreadsheets, tips, tricks Home: Main Page ?If you have a large number of charts in your presentation, finding and updating all linked charts manually is not practical.For a better overview and a more directed approach to update your charts, go to the dialog: For all slides in the current presentation, the data links dialog shows a visual representation of linked charts on the respective slides.

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