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) as a placeholder for the file being saved in the database, for example: This statement inserts the current file into the field img of the table IMAGES, and the string 'name.ext' into the field name.The DSN parameter in the first argument points to a system DSN creatable via the ODBC control panel.Here is what odbc_looks like: Note the use of the built-in Replace function which replaces all occurrences of the ' character (single quote) by two single quotes to avoid a run-time error if the description contains single quotes. The second argument is a SELECT statement that must return one record containing a BLOB.Click the link below to run this code sample: Upload also provides the top-level method Upload. From Database, which performs the opposite operation: exports a file from a database record back to the hard drive. The BLOB data field name must immediately follow the SELECT keyword.Also, it is impossible to come up with two different documents which would hash to the same value.This remarkable feature of the one-way hash function can be used to determine whether a given document already exists in the database.A DSNless connection string for MS Access must explicitly reference the full path to the MDB file, as follows: The sample files and odbc_demonstrate the use of the To Database method.

Asp Upload offers MD5 hash value computation via the property File. The term "one-way" is used because it is practically impossible to come up with an input which would produce a given hash value.To download a file from the database, you need to provide a link on your web page pointing to an ASP script that calls Response. For example, your HTML page contains the following link: , just pure ASP script.The sample files and filelist_demonstrate this technique.It can be found in the folder \Samples_db together with the sample ASP files that use it.The database contains a single table, MYIMAGES, with the following columns: With Asp Upload, an uploaded file can be saved in an ODBC-enabled database in just one line of code via the method File. This method accepts two arguments: an ODBC connection string, and an INSERT or UPDATE SQL statement which must contain one question mark sign (?

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