Are hermonie and ron dating

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"And I've been feeling really hot, you know that too," "But not the sore throat! In response, Hermione dropped a few cough drops on the table and a bottle of sore throat medicine. " Harry nodded, and decided that he was going to let Hermione take the lead once Ron came in. Sirius had told him that Scarlet Fever was the reason that Harry's grandparents were dead... " "I think so-" then they heard the sliding glass door open and Ron appeared, clutching their robes. " He asked, sitting down next to Hermione and draping his arm across her shoulders. But she erases that look from her face and replaces it with a fake smile.

But I'm going to tell you what I have, and as soon as Ron walks in, we're going to pretend that we're talking about something else, okay?

She was almost panting and had downed three glasses of pumpkin juice. They sat in silence for a moment, listening to the hum of the train and feeling the slight rock beneath them.

I feel fine," Harry had then reached over and felt her forehead, and she felt like she was on fire. But she didn't want anyone to worry- so she told no one. Everyone else was asleep, and they had both gone down to the pond again. "I need to get to school," Hermione was saying, wiping her face with a rag. " Harry was surprised for a moment, and tried to answer with another lie. " Harry studied her face for a moment, considering if he should tell her everything.

"I checked her medicine stock before I came out here." Hermione whispered. I'm just waiting until we go to Hogwarts- I'm sure they have the cure there." But she kept getting worse. And I've looked up the symptoms for what I think I have. "Bright red rash, sore throat, high fever," She says from her hands. Ron looks like there's more he'd like to say, but Hermione smacks his arm and studies Harry for a moment before settling back to read. It was usually dark when they arrived at Hogwarts, but it was even more late- there had been a delay that held them back. Getting on top of her a bit, he made sure the towel was still somewhat on his waist, though in the back, it were falling off of the boy. “Hermione…” He moaned once as her shirt came off, exposing her breasts. ” She screamed, now ontop of him, sliding herself onto his penis. It is my first published fanfic, so I don’t know how good it is. Net- The idea of this very short story grabbed me during dinner and kept biting me until I typed it up.

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