Angela lindvall is dating

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The company is based in Bali and my first designs are based around the Balinese culture but I plan over time to bring in different cultures like India and Turkey.

"I always set myself huge goals each year and I'm pretty good at manifesting them, which ends up meaning I take a lot on my plate.

"I get attached to the personalities that I saw and then watching the episodes and seeing their interviews and how they interact backstage is a whole different thing.

They're all so sweet and on their best form when they present everything to us, and then you hear them backstage and they're all drama ridden with each other!

They really take steps to be socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

We kind of fell in love with each other and were working together and then decided to do a line together. I'm going to travel to Thailand next month to get inspired for some designs and I plan on incorporating different ancient cultures into my designs.

And then with Georgina, I think first of all all Americans love a Brit, and she's very refined.

But I have to be unbiased because if I was back in the workroom and saw someone was giving someone else a hard time that might affect how I feel so it's good they don't let us get too close to them." The first challenge of creating an outfit from materials found at the 99-cent store was great.

Can you give us any teasers about what else is in store this season? There was one challenge where they only got six hours which I think is the shortest in all of history. There was another challenge where I brought them into Central Park and told them they had to get clothes off people's backs in New York City to create a look!

How a woman will wear these clothes all the time, how will it relate into everyday practicalities." If you're not spending time with the designers in the workroom every day do you still get emotionally attached to them?

"I did get attached to them because I gave them their challenges and introduced the judges and ultimately I'm the one who has to do the unfortunate job of sending them home. I remember there were maybe like five of them left and they're all so different and unique that they're almost like fashionista superstars or superheroes!

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