An unexpected error has occured while updating required files

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Do Compile(Workflow Compiler Parameters parameters, String xoml Source, String assembly Name, Compilation Packet& packet, Directory Info& temp Dir)Unexpected exception in Feed Cache Service.

Get Object(String key, String region Name) at Microsoft.

Get List By Name(String str List Name, Boolean b Throw Exception) at Call Site.

I’m getting this unexpected error when I load my list using Pwoer Shell code like this: $list = $web.

Don’t worry, we have a proper solution to fix this windows update error.

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SPReader Writer Lock named [SPInitialize Once Lock] held for 406 milliseconds.

SPNo Code Xoml Compiler.get_Referenced Assemblies() at Microsoft.

First what do all the different levels mean: These are the error that should not really happen. SPNo Code Xoml Compiler.get_Referenced Assemblies() at Microsoft.

Something has gone wrong and some code is not handling the specific error. Something is happening but it’s not always clear what has gone wrong.

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