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To dominate this stance, continue being cordial whenever and however possible.However, make sure you let her know that you cannot always make yourself available to her as per her convenience.Despite strong will, independence and stubbornness, we are loyal to the ones we love and always want the best for them.The chasing game with an alpha woman can become quite addictive.Her way of connecting with people is through informative conversations that are somehow going to make a value addition in her life.

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So, every time you try to get too close to these demarcations, she will push you away.Allow her that space to see you as her companion, an equal in the relationship with whom she can anchor herself.An alpha woman is always busy with work and projects, because that is what defines her largely.Understand these cues, and give her the much-needed space.The more space you give, the more she will try to let you in within her personal space.

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