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Some action, guys park facing the river then amble down into the woods, furtive. Find yourself multiple exits and you'll be fine. There is a huge, deep hot tub in the men's locker room. You can still park on the street or down by the beach at Swantown and walk in to the trails.Also, the sauna is so steamy that outsiders can't see inside through the glass door. The USS Lincoln and other Navy guys are home, so the ...No action for almost an hour, then a guy cums back to the booth and we start with my cock in his mouth. So I went ahead and checked it out earlier today and was very pleased when I ventured in to find anot... The action is a little hit or miss, but when there is action, this is a sure shot location. There is a brushy trail which has been cut back quite a bit. Follow it upstream until the river bends and you can't see the bridge anymore.From downtown, locate Market Street and drive west until you reach the B Street / Market Street intersection. There's a lot of cruising at times and you can hook up with partn... Tuesday and Thursday (and the weekend) seem to be the busiest days with some pretty hot guys. There are unlimited opportunities during the day and early evenings.

I know I'll be there even in the cloudy weather. He watched me jack off and then approached and fucked me for thirty-minutes over a log. The most intense cruisy area has been fenced off with temporary fencing.You have to park and walk the trails on the east side of the park as you come in. Be patient and act natural because park folks walk around quite a bit, ... Better having oral sex in your vehicle, which is cool! I just about gave up, but got daring and winked at a hot married guy who had been checking me out upstairs. The men's locker room can be cruisy with most of the action in the sauna or hot tub in the eveni...I can always find someone to reach in and give me a hand job.I jacked off some guy with black hair and blue eyes. Behind the Kiwanis building in the bushes -- there's a nice trail from the west end. I have sucked a lot of cock in there and on the walking trail just west o... I was there in November and there were a lot of people driving and walking around, but I had no idea where to get any action.Too bad, if all worked out I had a motel room for two ni...

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