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Gothic, dark story elements helps Chronicles of Blood stand out from the pack. Fun game mechanics and incredible depth make this one of our most addicting games.With both Pv E and Pv P game play elements, Chronicles of Blood satisfies different kinds of players, helping it rank on our most addicting games list. One of the biggest games ever on Armor Games, Kingdom Rush is both deep (with a long main campaign) and rich (with fun art and loads of game polish), helping make it one of the most addicting flash games of all time.Incredibly simple to jump in to, Bomboozle 2 is a surprisingly deep match-3 game (or match-many! Drag and match 5, and you'll get bombs with entertainingly blow up the board.

This game's addicting aspects come from it's relatively high complexity…

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The Armor Games team discussed all these topics to develop a list of our favorite (and sometimes surprising) list of the most addicting games.

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