Accomodating women

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These women, most of them clerical workers in the large government bureaucracy, are ambivalent about working outside the home, considering it a change which brings new burdens as well as some important benefits.

Although these women are part of a modernizing middle class, they also voluntarily adopt a traditional symbol of female subordination. An explanation emerges which reconceptualizes what appears to be reactionary behavior as a new style of political struggle--as accommodating protest.

The new veiling expresses women's protest against this.

Mac Leod argues that the symbolism of the new veiling emerges from this tense subcultural dilemma, involving elements of both resistance and acquiescence.

The general assessment is that female speech is more polite, less direct, and more accommodating to the conversational partner.

If the user wants a personal assistant that is accomodating and polite, it shouldn’t be a surprise that in consumer research the preference for a female voice comes up time and time again.

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