Accommodating culture and cultural diversity in online teaching Free sexchat bangalore

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And being prepared to respond to the dynamics of difference by amending policies or changing customs and protocols that were never previously thought of as being expressions of a dominant culture.At the individual level keep learning about different cultures – particularly the cultures of the clients you support.

Keep active connections with cultural communities in the local area.Working in community care means being prepared to learn and work within cultural interpretations that may not be your own.Organisational examples include being prepared to grapple with the challenges that cultural difference offers to long held notions of ‘business as usual’.For example, workers who share a cultural background with their clients have said in my training sessions that they can be expected to participate in the cultural life of the service user and their family in ways that may stretch an organisation’s policies on professional boundaries.Initiatives for wellness and reablement will require organisations to innovate if bicultural workers, the client, their family and community have bound the notion of ‘doing for’ with their cultural expression of filial piety and respecting elders.

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