Aaron rodgers and ryan braun dating

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Sadly, the statement he gave just made matters worse. For one, Rodgers is now on record as not being gay.If he is in fact gay, it just became virtually impossible for him to ever come out. All that matters right now is that he says he's not.If Rodgers is closeted, and the secret he's held all of his life has suddenly been plastered across the Internet against his wishes, when he's not ready, before the biggest game of the year and one of the biggest games of his career - who the hell does that help? Some of those athletes have begun to recognize the changing atmosphere in sports.They've started to think they could dip a toe in the water, maybe try to date someone on the sly, maybe confide in a couple people that they are gay.Not even the Manti Te'o incident generated this much speculation amongst my friends, acquaintances and drunk revelers.The chatter stems from a loosely connected series of dots strung together by a website (who, I'm proud to say, won't get any ‘clicks' from this story) that tied Aaron Rodgers' former assistant to the NFL MVP's nightstand.He was recovering from a collar-bone fracture, hadn't started a game in almost two months, was playing the team that sent him to the sidelines - and now he had to think about his personal life being exposed at the worst possible time. If he isn't, the rumors are nothing more than a mosquito that keeps buzzing around his ear.

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