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Since 2009, it has been Buck-Tick’s practice to launch a fanclub-only tour simultaneously with their general admission standing tour, and this tour cycle proved no exception.

Concurrent with the Metaform Nights or Anarchy tour, Buck-Tick also played a five-stop Fish Tanker’s Only tour, with shows at Akasaka Blitz (in Tokyo), Nagoya Diamond Hall, Sendai Rensa, Namba Hatch (in Osaka) and finally, at Zepp Tokyo.

Fans who dispersed from the goods line didn’t go far—they simply moved off to other corners of the lobby, where they cut open trading card packaging with meticulous care and began a fervent swapping ritual, totally silent but for occasional squeals of “COMPU!However, when we inquired further, we discovered that there was more to these gummi-tin buyers than met the eye—what they were really after was not mouth candy, but eye candy.Each gummi tin contained a limited-edition trading card that was not included in the usual trading card packs, and for fans who collect the trading cards (there are a lot of them!) But as the line slowly began moving, and fans began to re-emerge from the hidden cul-de-sac where the goods were being sold, we noticed that in fact, most of the fans appeared to have little interest in anything that could be deemed “adult goods.” I’d hazard a guess that the majority of Fish Tank members are in their forties, but they must be kids at heart, because what they wanted was gummies, and how!You’d think one tin of strawberry-flavored chemical-laden gelatin would be more than enough, but no…we saw fans walking away from that table loaded down with five, ten, or even fifteen tins at a time.

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