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1 / 4 Official information is tightly controlled, and critics complain of a lack of transparency in state procurement.Although the State Audit Bureau prepares budgets and accounts for government institutions, it does not share their full details with the public or the appointed Advisory Council. 1 / 4 Both print and broadcast media are influenced by leading families and subject to state censorship.1 / 4 Up to 90 percent of Qatar’s population is composed of noncitizens, including expatriates and migrant workers, who have no political rights or electoral opportunities.

Voters and candidates who do take part in the municipal elections are often influenced by tribal and family ties. Do various segments of the population (including ethnic, religious, gender, LGBT, and other relevant groups) have full political rights and electoral opportunities?1 / 4 Electoral laws currently in force cover only the Central Municipal Council elections, and the absence of a legal framework for Advisory Council elections has been a factor in their repeated postponement.Qatari citizens over the age of 18 are eligible to vote, except those in the military or working for the Interior Ministry. Do the people have the right to organize in different political parties or other competitive political groupings of their choice, and is the system free of undue obstacles to the rise and fall of these competing parties or groupings?Qatari women enjoy some political rights, though they have little opportunity to organize independently and advocate for their interests.In the 2015 municipal council elections, five of the 130 candidates were women, and two of them won seats, up from one in the previous council.

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